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Twiggy Fresh is a purpose driven health and lifestyle company. We pride ourselves
offering premium and sustainable products that is good for our customers and
good for the planet.

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I love these toothbrushes, our whole family uses them including our toddler. They are well-made and color-coded so we know whose is whose. I will definitely buy again!


Love these! The only toothbrush I'll ever use again.

Jennifer W

Excellent product, I highly recommend it! Just as good if not better than a plastic toothbrush, and sustainable!

Harrison L

I brought these as a Eco-Friendly alternative and they have been
incredible they fill phenomenal the bristles are firm yet soft.
Definitely would recommend it's literally the same price as a regular
toothbrush but it's does less harm to the environment and even the
packaging was Eco-Friendly so that was greatly appreciated. 10 out of 10
would buy again and buying again.

Taie C

Beautiful quality!

Didi K